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REM List Shareholder Companies

Shareholder companies with the REMTECHSTROY GROUP consortium:


Scope of activity:

Trade with heavy railway mechanization REMTECH, USED / REBUILT etc.;
Trade with Trade with spare parts, consumable, hydraulics and other specialized equipment for heavy railway mechanization;
Foreign trade activityForeign trade activity (Import – Export);
Participation in tenders abroad on deliveries to national railway companies;
Participation in tenders abroad, executor, control on performance and/or Supervisor on mechanized capital repair and construction of rail roads and infrastructure;
– Participation abroad on complex repair of engineering and transport infrastructure;
Sale and integration of technologies and patents;
Engineering securing and delivery of specialized equipment from A to Z abroad of plants, quarries, national railway companies, ports, harbours etc.
– Other development, investment and marketing activity on engineering facilities on land, in water and under water.

Scope of activity:
Underwater technical and engineering activity;
– Emergency rescue activity underwater and above water;
– Repair and remedy of failures on engineering infrastructure of dams, plants, vessels etc., hydraulic – technical facilities;
– Construction and repair of engineering infrastructure under water (pipelines, ports etc.);
– Infrastructure construction and repair of ports and harbours;
– Specialized welding activities on the ground and under water of all types of metals and alloys;
– Development of technologies, scientific and scientific and research activity;
Repair of heavy quarry and industrial equipment.

Scope of activity:
Underwater technical and engineering activities;
– Repair of heavy quarry and industrial equipment;
– Specialized weldings (all methods) of all types of metals and alloys;
– Consulting on remedy of failures and repair of heavy industrial equipment;
– Engineering securing on repair and remedy of failures in plants, mines, quarries, national railway companies, ports, harbours etc.

Vocational training centre at the Technical University
Scope of activity:
– European and internationally licensed centre for vocational training and certification of specialized professional and engineering staff for the field of transport, railway, mining and underwater scope of activity and construction;
– Courses, training and certification of diving staff to specialized subdivisions for fighting the organized crimes (NSFOC), subdivisions of Civil defence services, Emergency rescue teams at the Naval forces and others in Bulgaria and abroad;
Development of technologies, scientific and scientific and research activities;

Scope of activity: and Universal Auction Platform which holds classic and Internet auctions for the sale of property, boats, yachts, airplanes, wagons, railway machinery and etc. vehicles;
Sale by owner: land plots, commercial real estate (sale of premises, sale of buildings etc.), works of art and antiques, boats, yachts, airplanes, wagons, railway machinery and etc. vehicles;
– By agreements with banks, the auction platform sells secured property. The sale of property and vehicles at public auctions guarantees our clients the best price on the best conditions;

Scope of activity:
– Foreign trade activity (Import – Export); Sale and integration of technologies and patents;
– Geodesy;
– Production of special systems for monitoring and diagnostics in real time of pipelines under pressure for transportation of gases and fuels;
– Monitoring and signalization of emergency cases on pipelines on the ground and under water;
– Monitoring, control, certification and inspection of petrol and gas pipelines;
– Scanning, searching and inspection of sites and leaks underground;
– Making of underwater and underground cadastre and mapping;

PROJECT MANAGEMENT & INVEST LLC, Delaware -USA, representative office Europe - Bulgaria and representative offices Qatar - Doha
Scope of activity:
- Investment crediting services for projects and companies, with funds provided by foreign banks and investors /our partner clients from America, Dubai and Qatar/ at favourable conditions, interest rates and credit payment periods:
  = Works, factories and farms according to presented investment project for development, modernization of production, capacity addition or target financing for penetration on new markets in other countries;
  = Tourist and hotel complexes in stages of construction and/or in a fully or partially frozen building or financing stage;
  = Water, wind, photovoltaic, coal power stations, thermal power stations, ore mines and other sites in a project start stage, and/or after obtained construction permits, and/or in an implementation or building stage;
  = State or municipal investment projects related to construction project implementation of co-financing projects won within the framework of Operational Programmes, or innovation projects of a state company or public private partnerships with state structures for transport, economic development or onstruction;
  = MALLs and commercial complexes in a process of construction or upon frozen construction;
  = Other projects;
  = Interim financing of big contracts, overdraft, etc.
- Development and the project financing of mega projects (mega project SUPER VARNA 2020KLagoona Hospitality K Lagoona Project RAK UAE {ROI = 23 %} and etc.);
- Support and advocacy for the participation of companies clients in major infrastructure and mega projects in Qatar and Dubai, seeking a partner company and / or contact CEO large companies in Qatar and Dubai and others. consulting services;
- Finding and organizing direct contacts with the CEO of large infrastructure companies from Qatar and Dubai, with entire organization of project management, execution and construction of major infrastructure projects in Europe, America and the world.


Сфера на дейност:
- Exciting career opportunities and talent solutions for employers worldwide;
- Our clients are innovative, ambitious market leaders. They have the talent, the will, and the open-mindedness required to succeed. We share this passion. Recognized as a leading global boutique recruitment group , our proven Recruitment Solutions, Managed Services and Talent Consulting remains the benchmark.